Ballistic Glass

Bullet / Ballistic Resistant, ArmorResist

Laminated glass can be designed to resist attacks by a wide range of weapons. There are many standards and test methods available. Almost all of these have two main requirements: (1) the glazing must resist penetration by a

Ballistic Glass
Ballistic Glass

specified bullet and (2); the spall or flying shards of glass leaving the rear face, as a result of the impact, must be eliminated. Bullet-resistant laminated glass can meet both of these requirements. It is important to note that ArmorResist® glazing materials are not classified as forced-entry resistant.

Bullet Resistant, ArmorResist® Description

  • ArmorResist® 
ArmorResist® is a multi-ply laminated glass having multiple layers of glass and PVB bonded together into a monolithic unit. The rear most lite of glass is usually a thin glass that eliminates spall and therefore allows the glass to meet all the requirements of UL 752. This range of products is the most economical and durable range of bullet-resistant glasses manufactured by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®.

    ArmorResist® Plus
ArmorResist™ Plus is a combination of glass and polycarbonate. PVB and/or a Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) is used as the interlayer in this product range. Polycarbonate is one of the toughest clear plastics, having 250 times the impact strength of glass and is used toward the rear of the laminate to flex and absorb the energy of the bullet. The rear face is always exposed polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant coating.