Mirrored Walls

Our Mirrored Wall services include the following:

      Glass Mirrors
      Vanity Mirrors
      Bathroom Mirrors
      Ballet Mirrors
      1/4" Clear Mirrors
      Colored Mirrors
      Dressing Room Mirrors
      Commercial Restroom Mirrors
      Closet Door Mirrors
      Wardrobe Mirrors
      Replace Broken Mirrors
      Dance Studio Wall Mirrors
      Exercise Room Mirrored Walls
      24 Hour Emergency Mirror Replacement!
      Custom Mirrors
      2 Way Mirrors
      J-Bar Finish
Gym Mirrors Mirrored Walls

Mirror Repair and Replacement

      Custom Built Mirrors in All Spaces
      Custom Measured Glass and Mirrors
      Mirrors in Gyms and Dance Studios
      Mirrors in Ballet Rooms
      Mirrors Floating on the Wall
      Wall to Wall Mirrors
      Mirror and Glass Installation
      Family Owned and Operated
      24 Hour Emergency Mirror Replacement!
Gym Mirrors Mirrored Walls

AZ Alpha Glass Serves all of Phoenix Arizona
Our Mirrors Range from 1/4" or 3/8". We also have colored Mirrors which come in Blue Mirror, Gold Vein Mirror, Green Mirror, Grey Mirror, Greylite 14 Mirror, Pink Rosa Mirror, and Satin Etch Mirror. Our mirrors are applied by using Standard Aluminum J-Bar Applied to Mirrors.